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I take a maximum of four horses in training at a time and, as a result, I'm able to give each horse a high level of individual attention and treat each horse as if it were my own.


 I use a comprehensive approach to maximizing a horse’s potential, that includes:

  • Combining classical ring work based on the German training scale with long-lining, lunging, and gymnastic work over cavaletti.


  • Monitoring the program of diet, shoeing, sports-medicine needs, turn-out, and work schedule.


  • Plenty of conditioning work in the surrounding hills and fields to promote fitness and to keep the horse fresh and happy.





One of my core beliefs is that professional riders need to train horses so that they are easy not only for themselves to ride, but also for the horse's owner to ride.   This means uncompromisingly correct riding so that the horse is honestly in self-carriage, responsive to light aids, and happy to work. The end result of my training produces healthy and willing horses that owners can ride.” -- Joy



Training Fees


Full training is priced at $950.00 per month. I will work with you to design your horse’s complete program, and partner with you to oversee all aspects of it. I personally work with your horse five days per week through either five training sessions, or four sessions and one lesson.


Board is payable separately.


Email me directly to inquire about training availability at




 I am happy to include showing as part of your horse’s training program, to gain experience for the horse and increase his or her value.


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