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Wixen,_really_sitting_piaffe_edit copy (1)
Lilly on Tide, winning PSG! copy.jpg
Roscoe rd.  The horses love it! copy.jpg
Wixen, wet ears.JG copy (2).jpg
Wixen, Joy, Kathy, piaffe #1, Carol M copy (2).jpg
Nancy and Hero, PSG, 2013 copy.jpg
Joy_rides_to_Beethoven copy.jpg
Elise Ames and Willi, June GMHA. copy.jpg
Wixen, Joy, Kathy, from Carol M copy (2).jpg
Wixen on the trail copy (2).jpg
Willi, lake Champlain copy (2).jpg
Willi on the bit, NEDA, 2014 copy (2).jpg
Prime Time and Lilly copy.jpg
Nancy and Hero, GMHA 4 copy (2)_edited.jpg
Willi and Elise copy.jpg
Joy and Gershwin, half pass copy.jpg
Sue Fowler and friends copy.jpg
judging copy.jpg
Scooter, cute and happy at Roscoe rd. copy.jpg
Roxy_curled copy.jpg
roo and steely copy.jpg
Detente and Joy copy.jpg
Robin and Secret, KC clinic copy.jpg
Joy of Riding jackets copy.jpg
Puck, new with Meg copy.jpg
PJ and Nannen Po, June GMHA copy.jpg
June GMHA--the gang enjoying dinner! copy.jpg
Brenda Hilfrank and Tempo, Saratoga, 2011. copy.jpg
Joy students trailride copy.jpg
Joy and Tirpitz copy.jpg
Joy and Gershwin copy.jpg
Jeeves and Ellen copy.jpg
Happy Wixen and Joy copy.jpg
GMHA, from above copy.jpg
gerswhin at 20 with gretchen copy.jpg
Brenda and PJ hacking, Oct. 2-012 copy.png
Byzy with Lilly Joseph, owner Sue Fowler copy.jpg
Final salute, July GMHA, 2011. copy.jpg
Joy_GMHA_2008 edited.jpg
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