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 "Joy has an incredible depth of knowledge.  Her teaching builds self-reliance and skill in every rider, whether learning the basics or competing at the FEI level.  She is able to ride and train every personality type, each horse gaining relaxation and confidence in her skilled hands.”

 Leslie DeGrandmaison, owner, Salt Box Farm , NH. USDF Graduate “L” judge, USDF Silver Medalist.


" I would not hesitate to send a horse to Joy for care, training, or sale.  Her positive approach to training and all work with the horses is reflected in their obvious health and happiness.  I am very thankful to Joy for the wonderful care and training my horse received while she helped me with his sale.  His training continued to advance remarkably well, and his sale to his next great home was handled with efficiency and great communication."

 Claudia Tarlov, owner, Turtle Hollow Farm, CT.  USDF Graduate “L” judge, USDF Silver Medalist.

"I trust Joy completely and believe that anyone who works with her is extremely fortunate.  She has a beautiful and unusual sensitivity with both horse and rider.  She is also is a very honest person of the highest moral character.”  Kathy Connelly, International Trainer  and Coach to many of the US’s top riders.

"I have the greatest respect for Joy’s regard for the horse and her ability to bring out the best in every horse that she trains.  Her integrity and professionalism are impeccable.  Simply put, you won’t find better."

 Susan Vine, owner of Steppinghorse Farm, MA (pic of Joy riding Clicquot, ASB mare owned by Susan Vine).   

"Joy treats all her students with the same level of professionalism, energy, and encouragement.  She was the first person to assure me that the draft-cross I ride could progress to the next level and she has!  Thank you, Joy! "  

 Brenda Hilfrank, Williston, VT

There are instructors, and there are mentors.  Joy is a mentor, who sets you up for success, so that progress comes easily but to the highest standards.  She’s a darn good horse match maker too!”

 Elise Ames, Williston, VT



"Joy is honest, straightforward, and caring.  There is no ego involved, just lots of experience and confidence with the horse’s health and well-being in mind at all times."

 Gretchen DeMone, owner Gretchen Demone Dressage, MA.  USDF Graduate “L” judge, USDF Certified Instructor and Silver Medalist.

 "I whole-heartedly recommend Joy as a trainer to anyone—horse or human—because I know that she would provide the very best situation for either.   She has an everlasting commitment to the horse’s well-being and a huge sense of support for her students.  She is easy to talk to and is always willing to take the time to listen."

 Heidi Hauri-Gill, owner, First Choice Riding Academy, NH.  USDF Graduate “L” judge, USDF Bronze Medalist.

"Joy has transformed my riding and my horse’s way of going.  She has built up my confidence so much, allowing me to ride in a more relaxed and comfortable manner, which I’m sure my horse appreciates! She has encouraged me to reach beyond my comfort zone, but without pressuring me beyond my capabilities. "

 Meg Handler, Hinesburg, VT

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