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Beni, June GMHA, 2018.  Med res, commerc
Byzy June GMHA 2018..jpg
Beni, June GMHA 2018_edited.jpg


Byzy After Hours, owned by Susan Fowler

70.85% Reserve High Score, Second Level and High Score Morgan, Vermont Dressage Days.

66.67%, First place, National Dressage Pony Cup class, Third 1, Dressage at Stockade.

Congrats to owner Sue Fowler!

A great debut at Third Level for this athletic Morgan!   Joy on "Byzy".

Wilkinson, owned by Elise Ames

Elise Ames and Wilkinson

Congrats to my student, Elise Ames, for earning three Dover Medals her first year competing at Second Level!  Earning scores of 66.7, 65.6, 65.1 %  Good consistency!

Benedict CF, owned by Mary Ann Reich

Benedict CF, bred by Kim Kobryn-Callaway

(photo credit Spotted Vision)


77.5% High Score Hanoverian, Vermont Dressage Days

74.3% New England Dressage Association Year End Awards, 4th Place, Training Level Open

72.34% Reserve Champion, NEDA Sweepstakes at NEDA Fall Festival, Training Level Open


72.955% median score , USDF All Breeds Awards, American Hanoverian Association, Training Level Open, 8th place

72.95% median score, USDF Horse of the Year Awards, Training Level Open, top 6% finish in the country

A great first year of showing for this 5 year old! Congrats to owner Mary Ann Reich

(photo credit Spotted Vision)



First Place , Intermediare B, July Dressage days,                                            GMHA, 69.58%

First Place  Grand Prix, Fall GMHA, 64.9%


                     Wixen and Joy

            (photo credit Abby Burgess)



                 First Place, 3rd 3, 69.87%, July Dressage Days,   

                 Reserve Champion Third Level, GMHA

                 First Place, 4th 1, 68.5%, Vt Dressage Days,

                 Essex, Vt

                 First Place, 3rd 1, 70%, Vt Dressage Days

Joy and Wilkinson ,owned by Elise Ames  (photo credit Carlien Shippers)



Joy and Wilkinson, owner Elise Ames:

Reserve Champion, NEDA Second Level Sweepstakes, 70.5%

1st place, Second 3, May Hits on the Hudson, 69%

NEDA Year End Awards, Second Level, Open, sixth place, median score 69.34%

USDF, Region 8, Second Level Championships, fifth place



Joy and Wilkinson

(Terri Miller)



Joy and Wixen:
FEI High Point, Open, Vermont Dressage Days 68.9%
First Place, Prix St. Georges, Vermont Dressage Days, 68.9%
Third Place, Prix St. Georges Sweepstakes, GMHA July, 67.5%
NEDA Year End Awards, Prix St George, median score 67.76%, fifth place.

Wixen at 2012 Vermont Dressage Days




Joy and Wixen:

NEDA Year End Awards, Fourth Level Open, 3rd place, median score 68.5%.

Fourth Level/FEI Champion, Green Mountain Dressage Championships, 68.3%.

High Score, Fourth Level, July GMHA Dressage Days, 72.5%.

With Wixen earning Fourth Level                        High Score



Joy and Wixen: NEDA Year End Awards, Third Level Open, 1st place, median score 73%; High Score of the Show, Vermont Dressage Days, Third 3, 76%.

Joy and “Prime Time,” owner Sue Woodhouse: High Score Fourth Level, High Score GMHA and CVDA member, GMHA Fall Dressage, Fourth 2, 71.819%.

WIth Prime Time (owner Sue Woodhouse),

Earning Fourth Level High Score

Past highlights:


2008: Joy and Wixen: USEF/USDF Region 8 Championships First Level, 5th place, Wixen, 66.5%. ; Winner of CVDA High Score Championship and GMHA Open High Score Award, First 3, 74%.  


2006:  2nd place, USDF All Breeds Awards, American Saddlebred Association.  “Clicquot,” owners Susan Vine and Joan Blood.


2005:  High Score Dutch Warmblood Award with 71.5%, GMHA horse show.  “Pallatene,” owner Jennifer Tousignant.  Qualified Pallatene for her ‘sport predicate’ and entry into the Main Studbook of the Dutch Warmblood Association with high Third Level scores.

            With the wonderful Gershwin


2000:  NEDA Year End Awards, Intermediare II, 2nd place.  “Gershwin,” owner, Joy Congdon.    Qualified for ABIG/USDF Regional Championships at Intermediare II and Grand Prix.  “Gershwin,” owner, Joy Congdon.  Unable to compete due to horse injury.


1998: Intermediare I Freestyle, 1st place, USDF All Breeds Awards, Dutch Warmblood of North America, “Gershwin,” owner, Joy Congdon.


1995: USDF Region 8 Championships, PSG and Intermediare 1, “Tirpitz,” George Castro.


1992: NEDA Year End Awards, Intermediare I, 2nd place,  “Lilak,” Joy Congdon.


1991: Prix St. George, 1st place, USDF All Breeds Awards, North American Trakhener, “Lilak,” Joy Congdon.


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